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I am so excited to finally share Nora and Dan's wedding that took place at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory with a beautiful backyard reception that included the best tacos. Their wedding was in May, so I thought I would get this out before their one year anniversary.

I loved this sweet couple, their family, and their friends. A fun little fact about me, I have a hard time sitting still at weddings. I feel like I always need to be moving and shooting, but because I am also human, I do get hungry. I'm always well fed by the wonderful couples I meet, but when I took a quick break to eat tacos at the Davis wedding, the father of the bride stood up and started walking towards me. I grabbed my camera, ready to grab whatever photo he was about to ask for (and I was happy to do it, BTW) but he was actually just bringing me a napkin. It's the things like this that I never, ever forget. I replay these little moments in my head and they remind me that the right couples always find me.

Enjoy these images of the Nora and Dan.


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