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I met Annamarie through our mutual friend, Amy. I liked Anna instantly, but I remember the point when our friendship started to grow. Anna and I met up for coffee one day. I remember being super excited because it wasn’t every day that someone without kids was willing to have coffee with me and my kids. We sat at the bar table (is that what it’s called?) at Spyhouse coffee shop. I remember a kid playing at my feet, though I can’t tell you which kid it was. I was so worried Anna would be annoyed, but of course she wasn’t. She played with whichever kid that was at my feet and we had a nice conversation with a lot of interruptions. That’s when I really started to adore Anna. Fast forward a little and Anna became our realtor. The whole process was so overwhelming. I had a 3 year old and 1 year old at the time. She had to repeat everything at least 10 times and I still couldn’t retain all of the information because I was just so overwhelmed. Closing day, Anna brought toys and literally sat on the floor with our kids while also effectively communicating with all of the adults in the room, so that we could get our closing documents signed. Somewhere in here, Anna started dating Andy, though as you may have gathered, my memory from the toddler years isn’t superb ;) I DO remember hearing about Andy a lot and I do remember meeting Andy and just like with Anna, we instantly adored him. I was lucky enough to photograph Anna and Andy after they were together for a bit and that’s when I realized their love was about the steamiest I’ve ever seen. They will always be the sweetest pair and I will be forever grateful that I was a part of their wedding day.

So I guess this blog post is less about The McDonald’s wedding day and more about how much I adore this couple, but to be fair, blog posts aren’t really my thing. I’m only doing this because apparently Anna has been planning her wedding forever and I will not be the reason everything wasn’t just as she expected.

Love you, Anna and Andy!

Anna and Andy’s day went off without a hitch, thanks to this amazing vendor team:

Venue/Bar | The Whim

Planning | Events by Melody

Hair Stylist | Beck Beauty

Makeup Artist | BeautyXSal

Photography | Ashley Elwill with Jon Pavlica second shooting

Videography | Engle Olsen

DJ | Instant Request

Officiant | Tom Endersbe

Catering | Food Gallery

Rentals/Décor | Collected & Co. and Festivities

Café Lights | Phos Events

Florist | Kindred Blooms

Dessert/Bakery | Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe

Photo Booth | Time into Pixels

Wedding Gown | BHLDN

Gown Alterations | Tara’s Sewing & Alterations

Bridesmaid Dresses | Revelry

Menswear | Milbern Clothing Co.

Stationery/Paper Goods | Prints by Grace


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