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Ashley Elwill Photography's Style Guide

I think one of the most overwhelming parts of getting your family photos taken is putting the outfits together. If you are uncertain of how to go about putting outfits together for your family photos, this style guide might help you out! You can skip to the PDF below, or read through the next paragraph on how our family likes to pick our clothing out.

Starting with one person is helpful. For my family, I like to start with myself because I'm the pickiest ;) I usually pick a neutral color dress with some flow and then move on to picking out my daughter's outfit. She usually appreciates a pattern, so I work with her to find a pattern that works with my dress. I typically pick out three outfits for my son and he chooses his favorite. However, I will say, there were some big feelings last year about a dinosaur shirt and I let him wear it because these are his photos too! It's important for your children to feel involved in the process! If they're a part of it, they might be more likely to get excited about doing some family photos. My husband is the chillest, so I always choose his outfit and he goes along for the ride. He's super supportive because he knows how much photos mean to me.

With all of this being said, the most important tip I have is to go with what you love. Make sure the clothing you choose is representative of who you and your family members are. If you or anyone else in your family isn't comfortable with what they're wearing, it might affect their confidence or excitement about your photo day.

Check out the PDF guide below for even more details and as always, reach after you book your session, and I would be happy to help.

Download PDF • 6.89MB

*Not my family, but aren't they cute!?


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