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Family Golden Hour Session | Chaska, MN

I was trying to count how many times I've photographed this family, but I think I've finally lost track. I've been fortunate enough to capture so many milestones between Shelly's first pregnancy to celebrating her third child's first birthday.

Shelly asked if I would be willing to do a golden hour/sunset session and of course I was thrilled! This opportunity doesn't happen often with families because as we all know, dinner and bedtime can be a little stressful with tired kids. It can also be tricky to get that perfect lighting, but we really lucked out in all areas!

I want to be perfectly clear--all of the props used were picked and created by Shelly! She had a vision and I just helped her execute it. I don't consider myself a prop photographer, but I'm happy to incorporate things when people like.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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