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Baby Samuel | Shoreview, MN

I’ve been taking this non-essential job thing a little too seriously. I’ve been reading, baking, and watching all sorts of tv during quiet times and bedtime. It’s weird not to work during every single “break” that I have in the day, but I have found myself being a more present mom and I’m grateful for that.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the breather, I am ready to get back to work. I need to for the obvious reasons and also because I miss it like crazy. I also understand that this is very serious, so I’m trying to do my part and treating this as my job.Wishing you all well—mentally and physically.

If you’re interested in supporting my business during this time, you can leave a review, follow along my social media pages: @ashleyelwill, or interact with my posts. I’m so grateful for all of you! <3

These images are from baby Samuel's newborn session in March :)

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