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The Shields-Cutler Family: St. Paul, MN

This session hit really close to home for me. It feels like yesterday that this was me. It feels like we were just one week in with a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn. I remember the feeling of overwhelming joy because our little boy was finally here. I also remember that overwhelming feeling of sadness as I watched my toddler and husband play outside while I stayed inside and fed baby boy — I wanted to be playing with her too. There was so much sadness and joy in moments like those. Fast-forward 5 months and it finally feels like we have a rhythm. Even though I can’t be a part of every little thing for both of my children, they know how much they’re loved because I tell them 50 times a day when I kiss their chunky little cheeks ;)

Enjoy these images of the Shields-Cutler family!

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