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Lauren and Kenyon's Wedding Day: March 31st, 2018, Minneapolis, MN

Although Lauren and Kenyon had plans of doing their wedding ceremony outdoors by Lake Harriet, Minnesota wasn't super friendly with the weather...surprise. They changed things up a bit last minute, and it worked out beautifully. With a total of only 15 people, they did their ceremony inside of a beautiful home close to the lake.

I'm so grateful to their family for braving the cold weather and doing family photos outside. There's nothing worse than a photographer covered in warm layers from head to toe, barking orders at you and saying, "it will be super fast! I promise!" And while we did get through family photos fairly quickly, it was very cold last Saturday.

My favorite part about this wedding was having the opportunity to drive Lauren and Kenyon to our different locations. It gave me ample time to quiz them about their lives and fall in love with their awesome-ness even more. They are so wonderful. See for yourselves below <3

Congratulations, Lauren and Kenyon!

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