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Welcome to the World, Iris! Minneapolis, MN

Congratulations to this sweet family on their newest arrival!Iris officially takes the title of the chillest newborn I have ever photographed. I think it's the universe's way of calming my own fears, since we have a toddler. along with a new baby on the way. At all of my newborn sessions, where the family already has children, I find myself asking way too many questions. "How's the transition from one to two?' "How is your toddler sleeping?" "Was your toddler excited to be a big sibling?" The answers always vary a little bit, but the reality is always the same; it's hard. It's a hard transition from one to two or from two to three, but it's a temporary hard. Along with quizzing parents with younger children, I also quiz my clients that have older clients and the gist of these conversations is always the same; there were hard struggles at first and there continues to be the occasional struggle, but it gets easier, it gets to be more amazing, and it is always worth it. I really don't photograph too many teenagers, so we'll just skip that phase and pretend like it's always amazing.

Enjoy these images of Iris and her beautiful family.

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