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Silovich Wedding

I've photographed a few small courthouse weddings, and I have to say, they are some my favorites to shoot. All of the courthouse weddings have had a few things in common: they're small but sweet, the couples still pay attention to some of the small details, they're laid back, and there's an endless amount of love. My favorite commonality of all is that these weddings still put emphasis on the couple, but more importantly, they put emphasis on the family. Luke and Shumona are traveling to Canada for their big ceremony that's coming up this month. The ceremony that you will see below was really meant to shared and celebrated with Luke's Grandma.

I cry a lot - I'm an emotional person. But I cried more than ever at the Silovich wedding. The first time I started to sniffle was when Luke's Grandma came over to see him before the first glance, and wrapped him in a big hug. My Grandma Betty was very special to me, and seeing this moment made me miss her so much. The second time I cried is when Luke and Shumona finished their vows. I'm not sure why --it wasn't particularly sappy. But I swear, if you saw how intent and loving this family was at that moment, you would have needed a tissue too. Just when my "allergies" were clearing up, Shumona and Luke danced to a song played by a talented saxophone player on The Stone Arch Bridge. It wasn't the dance that did it to me, but the tears in the saxophone players eyes when he told the Silovich's how much that meant to him.

This is a wedding I will never forget. I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of all of these special moments. Congratulations Shumona and Luke <3

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