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The Musburger Family: St. Anthony, MN

Ben reached out last year, before Christmas, to buy his wife a photo session gift card. They hadn't had any family photos taken yet, and he knew his wife really wanted to have professional photos taken. It's hard to take the time for a photography session. The hardest part is picking a day that works for everyone, but it's also a little stressful to find outfits, pray that everyone stays healthy, and get lucky with the weather. As moms (and dads too) we tend to put the things that are meaningful to us on the back-burner. It's not intentional self-sabotage, it just naturally happens when you're trying to keep other humans alive. Then three years and two children later you realize it's important to do those things, BUT you still don't. It made me really happy that Ben made this happen for his family.

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