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Macklin's Newborn Photos: Plymouth, MN

When I walked into this home, I instantly felt at peace. I was greeted by the most adorable toddler and her smiling mama. The kids were playing and dad was cooking dinner. Macklin, the newborn, was sleeping in his bassinet. Maybe I only saw what I wanted to, but I came home with a little more confidence as we wait for our second to arrive.

I loved watching AJ and Nate navigate parenting for a little bit. In the moments of the big kids wanting to do anything but pictures, mom and dad still used words like, "please" and "thank you!". They're killing the parenting game and these three kids are so lucky to have such a good mom and dad.

Macklin has two awesome big sisters. His oldest sister, Landry, will always make sure he's safe and loved and Kasey will make sure no one messes with him. He's so set!

Enjoy these images of the Lund family -- especially baby Macklin!

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