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Person Family: Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, MN

These three boys, Beckett, Casper, and Flynn are so funny, wild, and tender hearted. It brought me lots of happiness to observe their little personalities. Beckett's the older, wiser, calmer brother. He doesn't even actually like superheroes, even though he and his younger twin brothers have claimed the term, "SUPER BROTHERS!". Casper is goofy and fun. He also has a tender side that came out when we saw a few thistles in the grass. But it was okay because Mom said in a calm voice, "It's okay. I'll keep you safe." Flynn...oh Flynn cracked me up! He avoided eye contact with me the most, but he is definitely wise beyond his years. I especially noticed this after I tried to get a shot towards the end, but the boys were a little exhausted. I barely caught it, but Flynn said, "Well, whatcha gonna do about it?" These boys are endlessly entertaining and I'm so grateful for the sunshine they brought me on a cloudy day <3

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