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Jess and Christiaan: February 17th, Winona, MN

I love the couples I meet so much. When I finish shooting a wedding, I usually have mixed feelings of happiness, excitement, with a dash of sadness. I end up getting a little attached to the people I meet. Jess and Christiaan are no different which is why I am THRILLED that I get to photograph them again in September.

These two celebrated their wedding ceremony with their parents, siblings, and their siblings' families. It was a quick ceremony, but it was filled with as much love as an other ceremony that I've been to.

Jess' dress is from Amazon, because she's one of those people that can order anything, throw it on, and look perfect. Her adorable Mom created the floral arrangements and ring pillow, because she's one of those people that can do anything. Are you sensing a theme with this family? Anyway, enjoy this small and sweet ceremony filled with sunshine and awesome people.

Don't feel sad that your'e done looking when you get to the end--you'll see them again soon!

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