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Meg's Baby Bump

It's hard to believe that at this time last year I was nine days over-due. I remember being so anxious and just ready for Letty to make her entrance. Everyone said annoying things like "just relax", "watch some TV", "go out to eat with Frank"...everyone had really nice advice on how I should enjoy my time before baby came. Although I will admit that I wish I HAD done more of these things, because relaxing isn't exactly on my agenda anymore, I really wish more people would have reminded me to enjoy my time with my baby bump. The thing is, while that nine months (or ten) feels so insanely long at the time, it's actually so short. Although it is WAY more fun having baby in the world to play with and love, baby time in the womb is so special. If we do decide to have more children, I won't have the opportunities I did with just one child because the craziness of life will inevitably get in the way. Baby number one, bump number one, delivery number one...Oh man, it just doesn't get any better. I'm definitely feeling extra sappy thinking about my baby turning one on Friday. Anyway, ENOUGH about me. This is Meg, her Hubby Tom and Baby____. Enjoy this Mama who has about 4 weeks left until she meets her sweet baby!

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