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Lindsey's Mother's Day Session: Edina, MN

A person's first pregnancy can be so special. There's all sorts of time to plan, prepare, and pick out all of the adorable baby goodies. Partners can be so sweet and even if they don't want to, they'll rub your feet.

And then there's the second pregnancy. When people ask you how you're feeling you typically say, "Good. I mean, I'm tired, but good." Which translates to, "Oh...ya, I forgot I was pregnant. I'm exhausted from chasing my toddler and working. But I don't have time to remember that I can't breathe, so I guess I am good" There aren't usually foot massages the second time around and the pregnancy self pity is at an all time low because there just isn't time.

That doesn't mean baby is loved any less or that second or third pregnancies aren't special. It just means that things are different and that joy is found in different ways. I love that my daughter kisses my belly and says, "Ud you baby brover!" even though it may be a completely different story when he's here. I love that I'm way less stressed about labor, baby clothing (I still don't understand exactly how sizing works) and cloth diapering. I feel like having less time to worry about the little things has been a blessing. I only have time to focus my thoughts on what matters; I so badly want this baby to be healthy and to feel loved. And then there's the thought that always crosses my mind any time I complain about any little thing as a parent; thank God I have this opportunity at all. Being a mom and being pregnant is such an incredible miracle.

ANYWAY, this is Lindsey and her sweet family! All of that was just my way of getting to this point--make a little time for pictures. Even if it's just with your iPhone. Grab those baby bump shots regardless of how you feel and take five minutes to remember how important you are.

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