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October 5, 2018

Where do I begin with these two? I've loved them since the moment we met at Caribou last year. They're fun to be around and I knew I was going to love photographing their wedding day. But really, I had no idea how much I would love THEM. 

Taylor is hands down the most organized bride I've ever worked with. She got the question document back to me in record time, didn't leave a spot blank, and always emailed me back promptly. Usually when someone is so organized, I don't expect them to be laid back, but Taylor IS. She gave everyone the information they needed, yet she ended up waiting on a few things. As if I needed one more reason to like her, she gave me a million more as she waited patiently for her friends and family to figure things out. Never once did she roll her eyes or act frustrated in the slightest. Maybe she's just a good actor, but I get the feeling that she's just an awesome person.

Thanks to the rain holding off, I had lots of time to photograph and enjoy Taylor and Andrew....

October 3, 2018

I received a thoughtful email back in April from Emily inquiring about wedding photos. I was hesitant, because I had a baby on the way and I wasn't planning on booking any more weddings for this year. However, Emily and Aaron are good friends with one of my favorite people, so I decided to take the inquiry a little further. Our mutual friend is the reason I decided to consider booking this wedding, but it was the email conversations that made me realize how genuine and kind Emily and Aaron are. I'm so grateful we crossed paths (thank you, Anna!). 

A few of my favorite things from this wedding include the officiating that was done by Aaron's brother, the flowers made by Emily's friend, and the epic dance moves done by our friend Anna. 

Enjoy these images of Emily and Aaron!

Venue: Semple Mansion

Flowers: Emily's Friend

Catering and Cake: Deco Catering

Dress: BHLDN

Suites: Jos A Banks

October 14, 2017

The Ramirez wedding was so enjoyable to photograph. For starters, Lauren and Jerimiah make the best couple. They are kind, funny, a little bit wild (at least Jermiah is) and so good to the people close to them. At one point I asked Jerimiah to use the rope swing. I was sort of kidding, but mostly hopeful that if anyone would do it, it would be Jerimiah. He didn't disappoint. As I was editing through the photos, all I could think was, "I'm so glad he didn't fall" because it wasn't until after that, that we realized there were rotten walnuts under the tree :/ Again, I'm so sorry about that, Lauren! 

Along with the couple being so enjoyable, their family and friends were too. I've never seen two extended families turn into one so effortlessly. 

Enjoy these images of a genuinely great couple and their wonderful family and friends<3



Ceremony and Reception: Maywood Stone Barn, Rochester MN

Wedding Planner: Cassie West

Dress: Amelishan Bridal

Cake and flowers: Hyvee

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