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October 10, 2018

When dad pulled Ben out of his carseat, I thought that he was his older brother Dan. Then I remembered that time does move forward and that Ben was actually just another year older. It’s hard to believe that Ben is two and that I’ve been photographing this family since Ben was a newborn. I’m grateful for these friendships and I feel so lucky to watch these kiddos grow!

Enjoy this super hero family <3 

September 26, 2017

Samantha is turning one on Halloween! She's still a month away and she's already mastered holding her pointer finger up to show everyone that she will be one. She's also pretty much a walking pro. I don't want to brag, but I was with the family when Samantha took her record breaking eight steps. I'm sure she's up to ten by today, but if was fun to see her working so hard at it!

Happy first, Samantha!

September 1, 2017

I was in between editing and getting this blog post ready when my husband walked over and started scrolling through the images. He went on and on..."Oh my goodness. She is so tiny. The wrinkles! I forgot about all of the wrinkles." It seems impossible that our daughter will be 19 months in two days. It's so annoying when people repeat over and over and over again, "it goes so fast!" but those annoying people are so right. It's the fastest, most exhausting, and most wonderful experience ever. I'm grateful to capture these new and raw moments for people because I know they'll look back in no time and have the same thoughts as my husband <3

July 20, 2017

It's hard when you're being photographed not to be distracted by a million things. Everything from hair in your face to wondering if the photographer can see the tremble in your lips because your smile has been plastered on so long (the answer is no, we can't see your lips shaking a little). There was something so wonderful and refreshing about this family. The Doolittle's haven't done family photos in a while, but they didn't appear to be one bit preoccupied. It's apparent that with whatever they do, they just enjoy being together, even for family photos. I was so impressed by everyone in this family --the girl's willingness to have their picture taken, mom's sense of calm, and dad's sense of humor. The whole combination made for a really enjoyable shoot and an awesome end result.

July 19, 2017

This was an extra special session because Grandma was visiting from Michigan. It was sweet to witness Madison interact with Grandma and her parents. There were so many things that brought out Madison’s adorable personality. “If you’re happy and you know it”, stick fights with her dad, and dancing were just a few that I was lucky enough to witness <3

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